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Video Game Design Online Career Themed Course and Curriculum

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Programming Basics

It’s introduction to programming – but with one GIANT exception – here your students will actually program their own 3D Video Game. Through this uniquely designed career-themed course your students will experience the thrill that comes from creating their own video game, and learning through all the skills they need through our innovative career simulation.

Let’s take a closer look.

Video Game Design is a self-contained curriculum that takes your students from zero-to-programming. Through self-directed tutorials (what we call the Certification), your learners will be learning the basics of programming like:

  • Program structure
  • If/Then Statements
  • Do Loops
  • For/Next Statements
  • Collisions
  • Textures
  • Sounds
  • Arrays
  • And many more topics…

The Video Game Design Appeal

It’s no secret – your students love video games. So, use their interest to your advantage. Grab their attention by showing your students how math, language, and science are used to make 3D video games. Watch their curiosity grow as they are challenged with real world projects.

Best of all, their interest is your ticket to a packed classroom. Offering a subject like video games will have learners beating a path to your door. You’ll see students getting excited about learning and studying the skills of programming.

Making video games is cool. But think about challenging your students to create games that are both exciting and make an impact. Show them how their ideas have the power to make a difference in someone’s life – games that will teach, help, and inspire.

We understand the awesome influence that video games can have. That’s why our Video Game Design curriculum focuses your student’s energies and skills into making games that have a positive purpose (edutainment games, health games, serious games).

No Programming Experience Necessary

Video Game Design is easy to use – no special training is required – really. We teach you what you need to know to facilitate the course. Your learners learn the skills they need through our self-paced self-directed tutorials. This means you can be facilitating this course with very little prep time.?
Our curriculum takes you from step-one to programming in no time. Literally, within a single planning period, you can be ready to implement this curriculum into your class. If a question should arise, you can always call us for answers.

Some Key Concepts and Outcomes

  • Apply the design process to real world problems
  • Understand and demonstrate basic programming concepts and functions
  • Locate objects using the rectangular coordinate system
  • Understand and demonstrate how art, programming and story all come together in game design
  • Prepare an informational or persuasive oral presentation
  • Explain the basic elements of a well-designed video game program

Available for Learner Levels

Virtual Internship Series – Secondary (Online and Blended Learning for Middle and High School)
Virtual Internship Series – PS (Online and Blended Learning for Post-Secondary and Adult Learning, Courses supplied with or without facilitator)